XP Repair Pro 6.0

Really Simple Windows Repair

XP Repair Pro 6 Current version 6.0.6 Certified for Windows XP/Vista/7 (32 & 64 bit) Released on July 10th, 2012

#1. System and Registry Repair

Repairs over 98% of common errors in Windows

XP Repair Pro is designed to scan and locate errors that commonly occur in Windows and other applications and fix these problems to prevent them from crashing, creating errors, or acting abnormal.

Repair 10 critical areas of Windows

XP Repair Pro divides up the most commonly caused problems into ten categories. These categories cause the large majority of all problems within Windows.

Increase performance

Windows is constantly indexing and sorting the registry. When it comes across an error, it has to start over in many cases. XP Repair Pro removes this redunancy by correcting these problems which greatly increases system performance.

#2. Registry Optimize and Defrag

Re-index the Windows registry

By re-indexing the Windows registry you remove redundant data that Windows has stored over time. This greatly decreases the amount of time and memory required to access the registry by Windows and other programs.

Defragment the Windows registry

Over time, the files that make up the registry get spread out all over your hard drive. Registry defragmentation takes these files and places them into a contiguous location which speeds up access to them.

Registry Optimization

Imagine if you could relocate New York city right next to Los Angeles. Traveling between the two would take much less time. Your hard drive's seeking arm has to physically travel across the surface of the disk to access data. By moving this data closer together, you decrease the amount of time it takes to access.

#3. Hard Drive Defragmentation

Fast, simple, and powerful defragmentation

XP Repair Pro utilizes a powerful defragmentation tool that is SSD safe (read "Perfect Disk" below) and beats the industry leader's results and does it faster.

Perfect Disk Technology

If you have an SSD (solid state drive) you do not want to defragment the drive, but you can still optimize the drive. How? When Windows goes to write data to a solid state drive, it actually writes two bits of data to each block. One bit clears the block, and the second write is the actual data. Our technology recognizes your SSD drive and performs the first block write on all empty blocks. When Windows goes to write to that block, it only makes one write pass. This technique can allow Windows to write data to empty blocks twice as fast as before, greatly increasing the performance.

Simple and Quick Defrag

Our defragmentation tool provides all of the performance benefits of the leading defrag tools that cost upwards of $60. However, XP Repair Pro does it faster and without all of the fluff. Try it out and compare it.

#4. Manage Startup Programs

Did you know?

Most people have over 25 programs that turn on every single time Windows starts that are completely useless and do nothing more than eat up valuable resources, completely destroying your system's performance This is a huge problem, especially if your system does not have a lot of system memory available.

XP Repair Pro's Startup Manager helps you decide which are safe to remove.

What is the Systray (system tray)?

The system tray is a small area that sits right next to the clock on your computer. This area is called the "Notification area", or "system tray", or "systray". Look at yours now. How many different icons do you see? Simply put, the more icons you have there, the slower your computer is going to run.

More than 15 million people have tried XP Repair Pro.
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#5. One-Click Maintenance

Version 6.0 now has a powerful one-click feature that repairs, optimizes, and defragments using the powerful functionality of XP Repair Pro with the click of your mouse.

#6. Schedule Maintenance

Easily schedule computer maintenance so you don't have to worry about it!

#7. Automatic Updates

We have greatly improved XP Repair Pro's update tool so you can have more control over when and how you receive product updates.

#8. User-Friendly Interface

XP Repair Pro version 6 is now more user-friendly and easy to navigate, allowing you to spend less time learning and more time enjoying your computer's new performance benefits.

#9. Over 15 million downloads

XP Repair Pro has been a powerful tool on the market and is trusted by millions around the world to repair and optimize their computer's.

#10. Register With Confidence

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